Friday, 30 March 2012

Something Somewhere Has To Break

Was listening to Synchronicity II the other day, one of my favourite Police songs.

Great driving beat, terrific tension, overwhelmingly depressing lyrics tempered with humour ... a great song.

One of its best features is the non-solo. Some noises and screeching sounds explode, complimenting Daddy's seemingly secret knowledge that it's all pointless and we're all doomed.

Explosions, noises, howls, yet it's all very understated ... maintaining the tension as the incessant guitar riff wells back up, taunting, baiting, threatening untold malice. Keep running, man. Unspeakable horrors are still to come.

Pretty clever for a song built around guitar riffs to not have a guitar solo. I guess The Police knew there was only so much more we could take.

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