Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bottom's Up

Well, it turns out there's another list, the Gibson Top 10 Bassists Of All Time. I like this one better. Here it is:

1) Paul McCartney. Yes. That's more like it.
2) James Jamerson. Someone was listening.
3) John Entwistle. A better placement.
4) Cliff Burton.
5) Geddy Lee. About the same as the Rolling Stone list.
6) Jaco Pastorius. Ditto. Guess I better go find out about this guy.
7) Les Claypool. Double ditto.
8) Flea. Hmmm. Rolling Stone had him better placed near the top.
9) Chris Squire. Not a big Yes fan, but he probably belongs on the list.
10) John Paul Jones. Well, 10 is better than 6.

Only major quarrel is no Jack Bruce. But overall, a much better list, at least from the standpoint of this Gibson ES-335 player.

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