Monday, 5 March 2012

Somewhere, Man

Listen to Nowhere Man by The Beatles. Really. Listen to it now.


How did you like the ending? That last chorus of "making all his nowhere plans for nobody"?

Killer. If you weren't already knocked out by the lyrics, the music, the harmony, the flawless production, the perfect poignancy of the rest of the song, that last line will get you.

Feeling sad? Sorry for the nowhere man? A bit worried that he is you? Uplifted because the music is upbeat even though the lyrics are mostly regretful? Hopeful because the chorus offers some form of redemption? Confused because you're not sure how you're supposed to feel? Anxious because you don't know what will prevail?

All of the above?

Sure you are.

Then Paul gives you one last soaring "making all his nowhere plans for nobody," over top of John's bittersweet melody. And whatever you're feeling, you're pushed over the edge. Hopeful, melancholy, joyful, remorseful  - all at once, forever and always.

Simple, impenetrable, palpable, mystical, universal, personal.

That's what I'm talking about.

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