Monday, 2 April 2012

The Lists Get Grungy

So here's a list I almost didn't look at, given I'd almost given up on new music by then: the Gibson Top 50 Albums of the 90's

It surprised me, because I knew a lot of them, even bought a bunch. Here's the Top 10:
1. Nevermind, by Nirvana
2. OK Computer, by Radiohead
3. Achtung Baby, by U2
4. Definitely Maybe, by Oasis
5. Automatic For The People, by R.E.M.
6. Ten, by Pearljam
7. Metallica
8. Time Out Of Mind, by Bob Dylan
9. Grace, by Jeff Buckley
10. The Bends, by Radiohead.

Gee. Good for Radiohead. Nevermind is a no brainer. I would have swapped What's The Story (Morning Glory)? (#23) with Definitely Maybe, but it really doesn't matter.

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic by RHCP almost squeaked in to the top 10 (#11), and I would have let it. Glad to see Shake Your Money Maker, by The Black Crowes as high as #24. Sad to see Clapton's Unplugged at only #44, but whatever.

Mainly, it's very cool - and maybe telling - that Bob Dylan managed a top 10 appearance in his fourth decade of recording, influencing and reflecting our souls. 

Good on ya, Bob.

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