Monday, 26 March 2012

The Circle Dance

I played around a bit with my Music Map, adding some of the sub genres.

It looks like this:

Some of the placements are pretty straightforward: Folk Rock, Rockabilly, Blues Rock.

Others are what I hear: Southern Rock has a Blues influence, Metal has an R&B groove (twisted perhaps), Pop is where Classical melodies meet R&B and are given a backbeat. My favourite psychedelic bands embraced the R&B groove, but straddled the Blues and Classical music. You may hear differently.

You may place Prog Rock over towards Jazz and Fusion, but the stuff I like has a more Classical flavour with just a touch of Folk. You may not distinguish between Pop and Easy Listening. For me, take away too much rhythm and your Pop is mushy Classical, which is why I put some of it inside the circle. But there's nothing wrong with mellow as long as it has a backbeat.

I couldn't figure out where to put Reggae. Somewhere near Folk Rock was one idea.

Anyway, interesting exercise.

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