Monday, 19 March 2012

The Venn and Zen of Music

I sometimes get to wondering why I like certain types of music but not others, especially when those others have something in common with the certain types that I like.

So I sat down and tried to map my personal view of musical genres and how they relate.

Yours will be different, but mine looks like this:


In the centre is Rock. No surprise.

Around the outside are the major genres in our Western culture. There are many overlaps, reflecting the huge variety available to us. In my view, some circles - like Blues, R&B and Classical - get closer to the core of Rock. That is, I dig more of that music, and I tend to favour artists or songs where those influences stand out.

Others, like Folk and Country, don't intersect as much, meaning that - while there is much that I really like in those genres - there is probably more that I don't like.

Jazz? Well, it's on the outside looking in.

I frequently venture out to explore the outer circles of the outer circles (well, Jazz: not so much), but give it a backbeat and you got my attention.

Your map will look different, reflecting your taste and your interests. Different overlaps, different placements, maybe even different circles.

And that's what makes the world go 'round.

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