Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tramps Like Us ...

Q: when do you grow up?

Well, if I use my reaction to certain songs as a yardstick, the answer is never.

For example, every time I hear Born To Run, all my teenage angst and rebelliousness comes flooding back. That's nuts, because I'm 58 years old. I didn't get out while I was young. The town did rip the bones from my back, and I didn't die on the street in an everlasting kiss. I just muddled through life like every other schmuck.

Does the song trigger a memory or a reflex? Do I just remember identifying with it when I first heard it (I would have been 21, so the angst and rebellion were still in full force)? Or do I still want to rebel against "them" and avoid becoming comfortably numb?

It probably doesn't matter. Either way, the song can still bring on a powerful emotional response - 37 years and a million experiences later. So that's amazing.

Or maybe it does matter, because I do prefer to think I still have a little madness left in my soul. Thanks, Bruce.

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