Sunday, 13 May 2012

Running Into The Sun

So, the flip side of the coin where I'm now kinda old but still carry this teenage angst that Born To Run brings to the surface is ...

I've been worried about being too old forever.

Every time I hear Jackson Browne's Running On Empty I start to panic. When did that road turn into the road I'm on? I look into their eyes and see they're running too. Yikes! Life is passing me by! It's almost over and I didn't get anything done! Help!

Thing is, I first heard the song when I was 23, barely out of my teens, just two years after I first heard Born To Run and got all uptight about growing up too soon and becoming like “them.”

OK, maybe both songs are based on the same sentiment: don't let 'em getcha / I think I might be getting got. But one looks forward with anxious rebellion, the other looks back with regret (well, maybe it looks forward with fear because the end is nigh).

I guess in the end it doesn't matter whether you're too old or too young to relate to a song. If you do, you do. And that what's inside all great art: making you say, "That's how I feel."

People need some reason to believe.

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