Thursday, 10 May 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Too

Gibson recently published The Top 10 Female Guitar Players Of All Time.

Here's the list:
1. Joan Jett
2. Lita Ford
3. Mary Ford
4. Jennifer Batten
5. Sister Rosetta Tharpe
6. Orianthi
7. Kaki King
8. Nancy Wilson
9. Bonnie Raitt
10. Joni Mitchell

All big names, for sure.

Dunno about Joan Jett @#1, though. Great rocker chick image and all, but wasn't it really only one song? Doesn't really compare with the multi-generational influence of Mary Ford or Sister Rosetta Tharpe, does it? Doesn't stand up to the career longevity of Nancy Wilson, Bonnie Raitt or Joni Mitchell.

By the way, where is Chrissie Hynde? Talk about rocker chick!

Nice to see Jennifer Batten and Orianthi up there. Not that they're my favourite male guitarists, but, you know, if you're good enough to go onstage with Jeff Beck and Carlos Santana, then you're good, right? I would have liked to see blues gals like Deborah Coleman or Sue Foley on the list - but then this is a Gibson list, not a Fender list.

Maybe that's why Bonnie Raitt is down at #9, when she belongs on top?

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