Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Revolving Rubber Soul

A while ago I did a post about favourite albums by favourite artists, and when I got to The Beatles, the entry was "yes."

Well, the real answer is Rubber Soul and Revolver. I know that's two, but they feel like the same album just split up and sold a few months apart. In fact, in North America, they were split up - into three. Most tracks on Yesterday ... and Today are from Rubber Soul or Revolver.

It's (OK, they're) an easy choice. You've got your trademark Rock and Roll in songs like Run For Your Life. You've got a hint of heavier things to come with songs like Taxman. You've got George doing his Indian thing on Love To You. You've got classical instruments on Eleanor Rigby and For No One, presaging Pepper and Mystery Tour. You've got your Hippie idealism in The Word. You've got through-the-roof psychedelia in Tomorrow Never Knows.

Nowhere Man, Drive My Car, You Won't See Me, Norwegian Wood ... what an all-star collection of songs!

This/these album(s) stand perfectly astride all that was exciting about the mid 60's, and all the best of what was to come through the early 70's. It does not - did not, likely will not - get any better than this.

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