Monday, 3 December 2012

Your Mother Should Know

Cool Rolling Stone article called 10 Things You Didn't Know About Beatles Music.

Some little known facts, trivia and insights by Beatles scholar Scott Freiman.

As a lifelong fanatic, I always start such reads with cynicism, expecting to learn nothing.

Wrong, happily.  I did not know that the flamenco guitar intro on Bungalow Bill was actually a mellotron.

I can’t speak to Freiman’s work, but if you like this kinda stuff, the I highly recommend Revolution In The Head by Ian MacDonald, one of the most surprising books ever written about The Beatles.  Part historical reference, part review, part social anthropology, MacDonalds’ book gives you dates, times, lineups, analysis and historical context to every single Beatles recording session.  It’s brilliant, insightful, and masterful.

Not enough of a fan to get into that level of Beatles minutiae?   That’s OK.  You’re allowed to think for yourself.  Maybe one day you’ll change your mind.  Tomorrow never knows.

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