Wednesday, 5 December 2012

How Sweet It Was

Well, we already knew this, but a recent study has confirmed that Pop Music Is Simpler And Louder than it used to be.

We sure knew about the loud part.  Just check a CD pressed in the 80’s compared to one pressed last year.

But the study compared almost half a million songs, and found that melodies have been steadily getting simpler.  And the harmonies are disappearing.

Do ya think?  I mean, how much can you get out of shouting over an over-driven power chord?  Or talking over drums and bass?

Gone, it seems, are John Lennon’s chromatic counterpoints, Keef’s mangling and dangling and tangling, or Motown’s pedals.  Too bad.

The study admits that today’s dance beats are infectious.  They are.  They also  were.  It was always about the beat, but it used to also be so much more.

As the title of the article says, it sure is infectious.  But who wants a virus?  I like music that alters my DNA.

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