Wednesday, 29 February 2012

One Hit Wonders

Speaking of singles, what would the world be without one hit wonders?

I mean, my iPod is mostly full of every-tune-ever-recorded by my favourite artists, but there sure were a lot of other people who came along, made me smile (still do, most of 'em), then disappeared.

And there were a lot: Tommy Tutone, Tony Joe White, The Equals, Dobie Gray, Baha Men, Edwin Star, The Left Bank, Blues Image, The Rembrants, Camper van Beethoven, Baltimora (ya, actually), The Records (well, blinked and you missed them, but I noticed), Dead or Alive, Free, Dream Academy, Bubble Puppy (sure you do), Rhinoceros, The Monks, The Standells, Kim Carnes, The Sweet ... on it goes.

Then there were the ones who maybe had more than one hit, but I didn't notice because only one of their songs crossed over into my reality: Salt N Peppa, Marrs, Lou Bega, Los del Rios.

Or the kind that were one hit wonders but they weren't really, like Status Quo, whose Pictures of Matchstick Men was big on this side of the Atlantic, but they had a million other hits in Britain.

Yes, and the ones that I wish had been one hit wonders: Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Thomas Dolby, America, April Wine.

Sorry, Mom, there I go again not being nice.

Anyway, here's to the one hit wonders. They make a nice diversion from the predictability we impose on ourselves.

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