Friday, 1 March 2013

How Many More Times

There are some strange cats at Rolling Stone Magazine.  They publish a reader’s poll ranking the Best Led Zeppelin Songs of All Time, the intro of which acknowledges that Zep fans are easily fired up, implying they are maybe even a little crazy.

So then what do they do?  They get some editor dudes together to come up with their own 40 Greatest Led Zeppelin Songs of All Time list.  Who’s crazy here?  The comments on Rolling Stone’s website prove their point.  The fans are all riled up.

Who cares if the reader’s list has only 10 songs and the editor’s list has 40?  It doesn’t matter that the editors included more songs.  It’s not relevant that there is a nice write-up on each song stating why it’s cool and explaining why it’s important.  The editor’s list is wrong.  All it takes is one song improperly ranked and you’re an idiot.  Just ask the fans who are, as predicted by the editors themselves, fired up.  Read their comments.

I mean, either list works for me.   Here they are:

            Reader’s List                                               Editor’s List
 1.        Stairway to Heaven                                     Whole Lotta Love
 2.        Kashmir                                                         Stairway to Heaven
 3.        Achilles Last Stand                                     Blackdog
 4.        Since I’ve Been Loving You                      Kashmir
 5.        When the Levee Breaks                            Ramble On
 6.        Whole Lotta Love                                        Good Times Bad Times
 7.        The Rain Song                                             Immigrant Song
 8.        Ramble On                                                   When the Levee Breaks
 9.        Ten Years Gone                                          Rock and Roll
10.      No Quarter                                                    Misty Mountain Hop

There are just so many fabulous songs, you’ll never get it right.  So why kick the hornet’s nest?

I know lists are fun because they get you thinking – and arguing – and all that, but talk about living dangerously!  These guys could get trampled under foot.

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