Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Runnin’ Down a Dream

Here’s the bio for the perfect rock ‘n’ roll star:  Grew up during a time when The Beatles, The Stones, Dylan and The Byrds dominated the airwaves.  Grew up in a place where there’s no shame in a country song, and rockabilly is still revered.

Had all the talent to write and perform some hard-driving rock that was at once familiar yet fresh.

Was lucky enough to meet – and become friends with – some of his boyhood idols.  Even made a record with them.  Then he used another member of this supergroup, an English cat who shared the same childhood idols, to produce his best work yet.  Through all the shifts and changes in pop music, he remained true to his roots, and his fans adore him.

Wait a minute; I’m describing Tom Petty.


  1. I love that song Running Down A Dream.And it also has my name in it."Me and dale were singing".

  2. Don't wanna burst your bubble, but I think he's referring to Del Shannon, who sang "Little Runaway". Definitely one of Petty's best songs.