Monday, 6 May 2013

If I Only Had a Song

Confession:  I detest musicals.  I think they are silly.  Pretentious.  Illogical.  They aim low.  They bore.  The dancing is just dumb.

If you’re offended, maybe I can redeem myself by admitting that I like some musicals very much, one of which is The Wizard of Oz.

Maybe it’s the familiarity.  Or it just stuck with me as a big deal since childhood. But I like the story.  The music is not nauseating.  Somewhere Over the Rainbow is a powerful, emotional song.  I enjoy the movie whenever I see it, and I loved a stage production I saw about 20 years ago.

Not so, however, this new production with new songs by Webber and Rice.  They aren’t needed.  They don’t add a thing.  They don’t fit.  They should just go away.

This new material proves that Webber’s best before date was a while back.  But you knew that.  There have been some big flops.  Really big.  And now, rather than coming up with a new clunker of his own, he has ridden the coattails of a timeless classic and managed to drag it down to the level of just another dumb musical, i.e. a waste of time.  Like the Wizard, he should be ashamed.

New tunes and lyrics and jokes, oh my.

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