Monday, 11 February 2013

Don’t Bring Me Down

So, Sir Paul has recently said – not for the first time, actually – that Yoko didn't break up The Beatles.

You know, at the time I viewed her as a terrible annoyance, but I blamed Paul for the breakup.  You watch Let It Be and you can’t help but see how Paul’s arrogant bossiness was strangling the life out of the best thing that ever happened to music (and a few other things, for that matter).  This followed by publicity thievery when McCartney and Let It Be were released, followed by a decade or so of self-serving I-was-the-one-it-was-all-me horror.

Don’t get me wrong; he put out some terrific music.  He was still Paul McCartney, and you had to love him.  But he ticked me off, and I know I wasn’t alone.

But I was in the minority.  Everyone else blamed Yoko.  It was easy.  She was weird.  She made (a weird) John even weirder.  She arrived on the scene just as things were falling apart.  You can’t blame Paul, for goodness sake!  He’s Paul!  Blame Yoko.

Paul has been making nice with Yoko ever since John died, and the David Frost interview referenced above is hardly a revelation.  What it is, is irrelevant.  No one cares what Paul thinks.  They’ve made up their minds.

I was at a Tom Petty concert a couple of years ago and saw someone wearing a tee-shirt that said “Still Pissed With Yoko.”  That about sums up the situation, Paul.  Good for you for being nice and everything, but you’re gonna have to carry that weight alone, ‘cause we all know she’s so heavy.

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