Friday, 9 November 2012

Don’t Pass Me By

I know the Beatles had more than their fair share of hits singles, but you know what?  They could have had more.

They wrote so many great songs, and actually seemed to pull back starting in late ’65.  You know, so that they only had one or two songs on the charts at a time, instead of the three or four that was customary during the first couple of years.  They definitely could have maintained that dominance with the following songs:

No Reply  - B side I’m A Loser
You’re Gonna Lose That Girl  - B side It’s Only Love
Hide Your Love Away – B side Another Girl
Drive My Car – B side Norwegian Wood
You Won’t See Me – B side The Word
Got To Get You Into My Life  - B side She Said She Said
Here, There and Everywhere – B side Taxman
Back in the USSR  - B side While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Hey Bulldog – B side It’s All Too Much
Here Comes the Sun  - B side Oh! Darling

Judging by the Classic Rock radio playlists and revisionist history, many of these songs are now actually treated like singles. 

I know, I know: 27 number one hits is enough, plus another dozen or song right up there.  Then another dozen or so post breakup releases in the early days of compilation mania (yes, I know: including Got To Get You Into My Life and Back in the USSR).  But check out the list.  They had even more hits in their arsenal.

They sure were something.

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