Sunday, 14 October 2012

Are We Not Men?

It’s always been a fine line that separates geeks from gods, cool dudes from goofy nerds.  So Gibson’s list of 10 Great Geek Bands is kinda fun.

Here’s the list: Devo, Talking Heads, XTC, Sparks, Kraftwerk, Fountains of Wayne, Man or Astro-man? 10cc, The Residents, They Might Be Giants

Guess I’m not too geeky because I can only claim fanship to the 1st 3 bands.

No.  Hold on.  Taste is different from perception.  You’d have to ask the people around me.  Because liking Led Zeppelin does not mean you’re cool, sexy and dangerous, now does it?

Not sure I would have put Talking Heads on the list.  Sure they were quirky, but to me they were just a great rock band, one that typified all that was so great (albeit all too briefly) about New Wave.

The prize for prescience has to go to Devo though.  “Founded on the premise that humanity was regressing toward a consumer-driven, herd mentality …”
That was over 30 years ago!  Other than, “I told you so,” I wonder what they would say about things today?

Now, where is my flower pot hat?

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