Friday, 27 July 2012

Bottom Dwelling Singers

Actually, it’s the 10 Greatest-Ever Singing Bass Players, according to Gibson. And the list is:
1. Paul McCartney
2. Jack Bruce
3. Geddy Lee
4. Roger Waters
5. Lemmy Kilmister
6. Sting
7. Benjamin Orr
8. Troy Sanders
9. Kim Gordon
10. Phil Linott

Not many surprises here, unless you think Sting should be higher or Rick Danko should be on the list.

Some weird online commentary on the list, though. Seems some folks think John Entwistle and Noel Redding should be included, but really, who remembers that they sang at all?

Overall, I'd have to say Gibson got the list right. McCartney and Bruce were/are two of the best singers in rock history, and both are amazing bass players. To play what they could play and sing at the same time is simply astonishing.

From Geddy Lee down, though, it's really a question of taste. Successful, competent bass players who had roles as singers, though not all are universally admired for their singing. I knew more than a few people who don't listen to Rush because of Geddy's voice, for example. Then again, I know many who think he's awesome. Taste.

No strong opinions about whether Phil Linott from Thin Lizzy belongs on the list, but I will say this: the hairdo doesn't age very well.

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