Friday, 6 January 2012

Forever Young

Paul once said, "We used to say we could never be thirty year old Beatles.  But we will be, and not too many years from now."

Well, he was right the first time, because they broke up.  But, he was also wrong, because he has gone on, in his fifties and sixties, to be the perpetual Beatle.

He's alone, though.  Ringo, who is now over seventy, has gone on to be Ringo, something he and he alone can achieve.

John and George worked hard at being ex Beatles, not Beatles, something-other-than-Beatles.

And while Paul's ability to be a Beatle at age 69 is just short of miraculous, John has something Paul can never achieve.  Thanks to a murderer by the name of David Mark Chapman, John will be forever young.  Paul can amaze us by defying his age and acting young, but John can't get older - ever.

And while Paul can impress and make us think, "good on ya, man,"  John's memory is distilled into one or two images from his thirties and a dozen or so from his fresh faced, cheeky twenties.  That takes us back, and keeps us young.

John's been dead for thirty-one years now, and a healthy portion of the planet was not yet born then, but he'll be forever young, and he'll share that with all of us.

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