Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sweetness In The Sad

Anyone out there an Ian Thomas fan?

I've been one for pushing three decades, and have always been puzzled why he wasn't a huge star.

Other than Painted Ladies (one of his poorest efforts) and 
Right Before Your Eyes he never got much radio play.   Things didn't improve much with The Boomers, the band he founded after his 20 year solo career. 

Bizarre, because every record he made, before and with The Boomers, is terrific.  Strong melodies, versatile voice, interesting harmonies, thoughtful lyrics that are heartfelt but not too preachy, a good sense of humour, and fabulous production.

He never strayed too far from solid pop sensibilities, but blended in a variety of styles over the years, from prog rock to Euro-pop to blues.  He could imitate Steely Dan, Foreigner, the Beach Boys or R.E.M., but do so in his own, unique way.

Great artist, producer and musician.  I've always been sad Ian Thomas never made it big, but grateful I discovered his sweet musical secrets.

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