Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pretty ... Raunchy

Every so often, I re-discover Linda Ronstadt.  She's one of those artists/bands that you forget about, and then say to yourself, "I forgot!  I should listen to this more often."

And then you don't, but I wish I did.

What a voice.  Heart-piercingly pretty, eye-wateringly beautiful, kick-ass raunchy.

And what range.  She was part of the countrified folk-rock movement that shifted American music's centre of gravity from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the late 60's and early 70's.  Then she rode the punk/new wave thing with a string of great records.  Then broadway, and operetta of all things.  Then easy listening, mariachi, lullabies  ... it doesn't stop.  I guess she figured out how to grow older gracefully.

But it's those late 70's rockers that I really love.  Fabulous singing, terrific production from Peter Asher, tasty guitar playing from Waddy Wachtel  ...  perfect.

And an awesome collection of covers:  Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, The Stones, Neil Young, Mowtown, Elvis Costello, Warren Zevon.  Each one true.  Each one fresh.

I don't know who else is in the band, but when I go to that bar my first Saturday night in Heaven, I expect Linda Ronstadt to be the singer.

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