Sunday, 21 August 2011

What We Need

Do you know what we need?  We need more:

Harmonica.  How come Neil Young is the only person outside of the blues that still plays one?  Whatever happened to that great sound in a rock song?  Remember "John Lennon: rhythm guitar and mouth organ"?  The blues harp isn't even that common in the blues anymore.  And you can't duplicate it on a synthesizer.

Organ.  Sometimes I feel like bands should be compelled to include at least one track on each CD featuring the organ.  Maybe we're just too impressed by synthesizers and all the cool things they can do.  We seem to have forgotten the fabulous rich tone of the Hammond B3, even the quirky toy sound from those portable Hohners and Farfisas.  Organs rock!

Piano.  While we're at it ...

Melody.  We need more singing and less shouting.  We need more singing and less whining.

DonovanHe was the quintessential hippy.  He was so trippy!  Speaking of which, we need more ...

Love songs.  And we need more ...

Songs about peace, love and understanding.  What's so funny about that?


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